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Yoga and the Art of Action

 Edited by Marco Ferrini

To attain success we must first elaborate and define a project, envisioning the best organization on which to base our action, initially on an ethical level and considering the outcome.

The organization that we choose is not the only component for its success, but is the most important.

It implies the choice of fundamental elements regarding the action, among which:


Beyond Discomfort, Violence and Fear

Beyond Discomfort, Violence and Fear
Basic Principles for a Civilization of Love

Edited by Marco Ferrini

If we follow the teachings and examples of the lives of authentic masters we can practice meditation successfully. These excersizes enable us to come into contact with increasingly profound aspects of our character and, mastering our practice, to tap into our true identity, the spiritual self (sat-cit-ananda) eternity, knowledge and happiness.

We can neither rationally explain nor materially demonstrate our achievement, but when this subjective experience takes place, even in a small degree, we know that we have entered into a new and diverse category of reality in which the old order of things has been substituted internally: the spiritual self has taken over the constantly changing empirical self.

Bloodshed in Barcelona: My Thought

Edited by Marco Ferrini

The echo of indignation is still strong, following the umpteenth attack that took place in Barcelona; less present in the media but not less tragic are the desperate cries of the victims of bombing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere: whether the attacks were executed by isolated islam ic fighters or secular military professionals, in both cases the victims are always helpless people who suffer and die due to the indifference on the part of certain pseudo religious, political and financial circles regarding human life.

The cause? A rapidly vanishing virtue: compassion.

Karmic Affinities or Elective Affinities?


Edited by Marco Ferrini

There are undoubtedly karmic affinities that determine relationships between people, but they are not always positive per se. Sometimes karmic affinities that link people to each other increase the negative aspects in each person.

Sometimes a healthy complementarity that integrates and fills in the gaps between the two, is preferable to a similar character identity, perception and attitude that emphasize the reciprocal defects.

Get Free

Get Free

Edited by Marco Ferrini

From the Book: Freedom from Loneliness and Suffering

One of the most serious and urgent lingering problems in our society is isolation, neglect, loneliness. We will examine this subject in the light of the wisdom of the Vedas, a knowledge that is thousands of years old and is not exclusive heritage of India but rather belongs to the entire human kind, just like the sun is not Eastern or Western: it is the sun.

From Eros to Love

From Eros to Love

Edited by Marco Ferrini

From the Book: From Eros to Love

In order to live love it is important to understand what it is, and even more to be able to distinguish it from its counterfeits. We live to give and receive love. Every time we pollute this feeling, we cheat others, we cheat ourselves; every time we betray, we betray ourselves; every time we lie, we are lying to ourselves. An individual may possess the entire world, but if he doesn't have good relationships, he remains miserable.

Love and Life

Love and LifeEdited by Marco Ferrini

Throughout millennia, people have wondered on the goal of life, the meaning of love, death, pain. We have all personally experienced that lack of love makes one lose enthusiasm for existence, and gives rise to personality disorders and pathologies, even serious ones. Those leading a suffering life, in a state of perennial conflict, oppressed by negative feelings, have often not comprehended the global importance of the feeling of love.

To be respectful

To be respectfulEdited by Marco Ferrini

A person who has started the journey on the path of self-realization is at the very least respectful to all beings. Respect is the basis of trust and love and without an attitude that is at least respectful we cannot build anything in life. Being respectful does not mean paying homage here and there, or behaving in reverent or obsequious way; it rather means being able to listen and to recognize the value, giving the proper consideration to what we are told: thoughts, words, opinions of others, without prejudice, without expecting to dominate and to be always right.

Evolution towards Love

Evolution towards LoveEdited by Marco Ferrini

Human beings are much more than the physical body in which they live and travel. Only some psychophysical components fall under our sensorial observation and make up our sole empirical experience. Vedanta, Yoga and other works of Indovedic tradition describe the spiritual essence of the being (atman) and its two macrostructures: mental and physical, which together represent the instruments for the atman to operate in the world.

To be Merciful

Edited by Marco Ferrini

Compassion (kripa) is the first virtue mentioned by Shri Caitanya to Sanatana Gosvami, and meaningfully so, because it is probably the most important. In fact the genuine spiritual researcher, the sadhu, is by definition kripalu, merciful. From the psychological point of view, what does it mean being merciful? It means being benevolently disposed towards all living entities, willing to give everyone a benefit of a higher nature.