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Counseling based on a Bhaktivedanta approach (Part I)


Edited by Marco Ferrini

Akrura Prabhu: I would like to hear of some fundamental principles that favor people’s spiritual healing.

Matsyavatara Prabhu: First of all we must distinguish between those who have already made a specific spiritual choice and those that have not done it yet and are not looking for a religious conversion, but they are interested in resolving their existential problems and finding answers and solutions to daily practical questions.

Marriage and Family (Part 1/2)

images/matrimonio 2.jpg

Edited by Marco Ferrini

Family, marriage, children represent inseparable elements which compose a complex situation, and their dissociation is the cause of heavy mistakes, bearing discomfort and suffering as a consequence.

Our intention is to explain this complexity according to the Shastra: Indovedic psychological thinking and philosophy texts, in relation to the teachings of Masters who have lived and realized the principles of Tradition, yet considering the cultural, social and psychological contaminations of our degraded era.

Marriage and Family (Part 2/2)


Edited by Marco Ferrini

Unfortunately it is proved by several clinic experiences that ideals and values are often neglected in pathological and psychopathic families.

A bossy father, for example, may block the evolution of a child for decades because of a violent leadership, likewise an irresponsible parent who wastes time fooling around may induce such negative attitude in the children, producing ill effects, which require efforts, time and suffering to be eradicated.



Edited by Marco Ferrini

We are living in a particular age of rapid social and cultural changes and it is our responsibility to ask ourselves whether and how delicate and essential family relationships between parents and children can endure, without missing the meaning and purpose of a basic relationship, for the sake of every person and for a human and spiritual development.

How to build up constructive and lasting relationships

images/relazioni 1.jpg

Edited by Marco Ferrini

People suffer for not being able to bring harmony in relationships and at the same time tend to start new conflicts due to their conditionings.

There are more people suffering from relational difficulties than people suffering for the wars or for epidemics and, on the other hand, good relationships are the biggest patrimony we can build up for our well-being; and this doesn’t cost anything.

The role of will power for the harmonization and development of Personality, determination and perseverance (1/2)


Edited by Marco Ferrini

By analyzing, the relation between the inner self and will power and, on the other hand, the various psychological functions of the mind, we can very well notice how strong the link between will power and the inner self is: it is almost an identification of one another.

Furthermore, by using will power, the self works on the other functions of the mind, governing and directing them.

The role of will power for the harmonization and development of Personality, determination and perseverance (2/2)


Edited by Marco Ferrini

Self-determination and Perseverance Exercise.

Determination is a state of mind that can be cultivated and developed with a right predisposition.

Like all mental states, determination arises from psycho emotional factors and attitudes like: 1. Desire. In the presence of a well defined and intense desire it is easier to develop and maintain determination for the pursuit of the target we aim at.

Death: a stage of life (part 1)


Edited by Marco Ferrini

No matter what our descendant roots are, noble or of humble origin, rich or poor, old or young, illuminated or not, we are all destined to die. We know that it is inevitable, but we deceive ourselves by thinking that others will die before us, that we will be the last to go. Death always seams far away. Isn’t it a misleading way of thinking? Isn’t it an illusion, a dream? This makes us negligent and we shouldn’t believe it. We should be courageous and prepare ourselves, because sooner or later death will knock at our door.

(Yamamoto Tsunetomo, samurai monk of ending 1600)

Death: a stage of life (part 2)

images/occhio chiuso.jpg

Edited by Marco Ferrini

In the Fedone, Platone makes Socrate say, in one of his last phrases: “The time has come that I must go; every one of us continues with his or her program: I go off to die, you all go on to live, but no one knows who will be better off, only God knows”.

And Tagore wrote: “Birth and death are two parts of life, just like to walk you must lift a foot and then lay it down”.

Scientific exploration for the Existence of God


Edited by Marco Ferrini

It is time for science and religion to reconcile and complement each other; this is possible only by realizing the difference in fields of application and results of each discipline.

Prof. V.V. Raman defined science as the collective endeavour to understand the universe in a consistent and coherent way, based on reason, rationality and empirical evidence.