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The founder

Marco Ferrini (Matsyavatara das) is the Founder and President of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta and Director of the Academy of Traditional Indian Sciences (

Researcher and spiritual guide, he is the author of essays and books and of an extensive audio-visual production on philosophy, psychology, science, art and spirituality, based on the themes of Yoga and Bhakti Tradition in the context of the millennial knowledge of the Vedas, the ancient wisdom texts recognized as World Heritage by Unesco.

In his courses, conferences and seminars, he provides the tools to rediscover the inner resources and enhance them for a significant development on a personal and social level.


Marco Ferrini was born in Ponsacco (Pisa ) on 20 February 1945. He completed extensive studies in various artistic disciplines , with particular interest in the history of art and he achieved the Diploma of the Course of the Magisterium, at the Art Institute of Florence, and he studied at one of the largest international antique dealers and connoisseurs of ' pictorial art of the Italian Renaissance.
In 1967 he started his own career as a Designer, which led him to cooperate with a number of leading companies in his sector both in Italy and abroad.
From a young age he feels the calling to learn the fundamentals of life. To give realize his vocation he undertakes a training program where he explores Hindu humanities and spiritual sciences. Since 1970 he has been studying philosophy and Western and Oriental psychology in Italy and abroad, with applications in the industrial, collective and individual fields.
He has been married since 1976 and has two children. Also in 1976 Marco Ferrini meets in India a Vaishnava saint, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who becomes his spiritual master and main inspiration for further study and research.
After years of study of the sacred texts and performing spiritual practice, even through many trips and stays in the holy places of India, in the summer of 1995 Marco Ferrini founded the Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, a no-profit cultural association recognized, with the purpose of integrating the philosophical and spiritual traditions of the East and the West.
In 2000, he completes his studies in psychology and achieves diplomas at U.S. Colleges and Universities. In addition, in 2000 he found the Academy of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta and establishes courses in Traditional Indian Sciences: psychology and spirituality of yoga, Ayurveda or health science, sociology, pedagogy, philosophy, art and architecture. By offering universal teachings of wisdom and spirituality on the science of the inner being, these training courses are an aid in the resolution of existential issues, and family, work and other areas of society issues.
Marco Ferrini has been teaching intensively for forty years at universities, cultural institutes, associations, religious institutions , and in the context of study tours in India. Overall has held over 3,000 training events including public lectures, classes, seminars and courses on topics such as Psychology of the Life Cycle, Business Ethics, Psychology of Wellness Leadership, Managing and Overcoming a Crisis , Thought, Action and Destiny, the Role of Will in the Transformation of the Unconscious, How to Design and Realize our Dreams, Betrayal, Bitterness and Forgiveness, Freedom from Loneliness and Suffering, Yoga and Holistic Health, From Eros to Love, Karmic Affinities and Family Relationships, How to Create Harmony among Relationships, the Journey of the Soul after Death, Karma and Reincarnation, the Science of Meditation and Evolutionary Transformation of the Individual, Meditative Visualization Experience.
From 1996 to 2001 , for five consecutive academic years, he has taught courses at the University of Siena. These courses were valid for upgrading qualification of teachers of all levels and recognized by the Ministry of Education of Siena.
He has lectured at the University of Milan (Faculty of Political Science), University of Pisa (Department of Modern History and the Center for Bioethics) and the University of Rome La Sapienza (Department of Oriental Studies).

Conference at Bologna University, Lecture Hall of the Jurisprudence faculty. Year 2012. Subject “Understand death to comprehend Life”.

From 2003 to 2008, Marco Ferrini has held numerous ECM (Continuing Medical Education) training events, accredited by the Ministry of Health, for the training of doctors, psychologists and all health personnel, on the theme: "Psychological Assistance to the Terminal Ill and their Family Members." He conducted over 30 seminars in the most important Italian hospitals.

Seminar Continuing Medical Education, Bellaria Hospital, Bologna. Year 2004. Subject: “Psychology of the Assistance to terminally ill and their family”.
Event at the "Salone de' Cinquecento", Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.
Year 2009.
Subject: “Dante's Journey and the Bhagavad-gita”.
Event in Naples at the "Parco Letterario" Virgilio's grave. Year 2011.
Subject: “Dialog between Divina Commedia and Bhagavad-gita”.
Participation to the International Convention “Life and Its Origins”,
at the Protomoteca del Campidoglio, Rome. Year 2004.
Conference at the Bologna University, Lecture Hall "Ciamician". Anno 2009.
Subject: “Psychology of the cycle of Life”

Daily lessons in the parc of villa Vrindavana

In July 2008 the Accademia della Torre gives Marco Ferrini the Award of Castruccio, the Silver Tower, recognizing the contribution that he has offered to the new interpretation of the psycho-philosophical Hindu-Vedic thought in the dialogue between East and West, between modernity and tradition.
In addition, in 2008, Marco Ferrini founded the School of Spiritual Relationship Counseling for the Harmonization and Development of the Human Resources of the Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta (, recognized by the Association of Professional Counselors. This School has the purpose to train counselors with teachings based on the spiritual tradition of yoga, which is focused on humanity and on the sacredness of the inner being.
Through lectures, seminars, and courses of study, Marco Ferrini and his team offer a path of knowledge and experience, useful to improve the holistic well-being of the person, by developing , in support through personal difficulties, solutions applicable throughout the daily life.
Since 2012, Marco Ferrini has been a member of the editorial board of the Interdisciplinary International Journal published by the Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar, India.

Marco Ferrini has been nominated Adjunct Professor at the Dev Sanskriti University of Haridwar.

Year 2012, Marco Ferrini with the DSVV Academic Team

Conferral of the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.

In 2012, Marco Ferrini was honored by the Dev Sanskriti University with the academic title of Doctor Honoris Causa Ph.D. in Philosophy. The President of India and Chancellor of the University have jointly awarded the gold medal and honor certificate to Marco Ferrini.

The citation of the Ph.D certification states:

Marco Ferrini was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in recognition of his contribution to the dissemination of the Vedic knowledge throughout the world and for that he himself is a shining example of noble and coherent life, entirely dedicated and without other purposes, to the authentic spirit of Veda for the wellbeing and welfare of humanity.

Consegna a Marco Ferrini del titolo Honoris Causa di Ph.D. Doctor in Philosophy da parte del Presidente dell'India e del Rettore della Dev Sanskriti University.  Haridwar, India, 9 dicembre 2012.

Consignment to Marco Ferrini of the title "Honoris Causa Ph.D. Doctor in Philosophy" from the President of India and the Dev Sanskriti University Dean.
Haridwar, India, the 9th December 2012.