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Just like we face life, life faces us

Just like we face life, life faces us

Edited by Marco Ferrini

Whether you are going to marry, start a professional career, begin a study course, in anything you want to do the most important thing that will determine its success or failure is, first and foremost, your attitude.

Your attitude towards life determines the attitude of life towards you. Your attitude towards others determines the attitude of others towards you.

If you isolate yourselves, others will isolate you, if you feel marginalized you will actually become so, while if you love you will be loved, by the obvious dynamics of reciprocation that will shape reality exactly according to what you are wishing for.

Unfortunately the automatic mechanism of reciprocation works both in the good and the bad direction. If you start to feel uneasy in a specific place you will end up feeling really bad there, if on the other hand you think you are comfortable, your attitude will make you really feel good. Just change your attitude.