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Edited by Marco Ferrini

What we believe in should be in agreement with what we feel. If there are conflicts between the various psychic levels, we should immediately take steps to heal them.

Sublimation is the art of transferring our impulses to a higher platform, so we could call it the art of psychic transformation. For example the need for self-assertion can be transformed into humanitarian work to assist the needy, without the typical consequences created by a wild ego.

In the same way we can sublimate Eros in love, although such process generally requires a long work. For this reason, generally socio-psychological science and religiosity in the Vedas recommend intermediate stages, but in some cases it is possible to immediately and completely attain sublimation through the attainment of the state of love starting from the level of sexuality. In this regard we can see how will power is the most important instrument of the self for the transformation of the psychic structure.

Generally will power is intended as simple volition, but such power must be supported by wisdom, otherwise it can become very dangerous. Knowledge united with will power can give us wonderful results and restructure our life in a very satisfying way, not in an external sense but in an inner sense, enabling us to find an inner balance that can be maintained and guaranteed in any external circumstance.