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Thought Energy

Thought Energy

Edited by Marco Ferrini

A human being appears to be a paradox because he constitutes the union of three levels: the physical-organic, the psychic and the spiritual levels. The Vedas say that the spiritual level is the true dimension of the living entity. As long as the living entity is embodied, he must by all means take care both of the body and the mind, and of course also of himself - of the spirit.

Actually the human being is a spiritual soul, in Sanskrit atman, possessing two interconnected and interdependent bodies: the physical and the psychic. Most problems are originated when the spiritual living entity identifies with the psycho-physical body, as in some sort of hallucination. This wrong perception creates an endless series of misunderstandings, all due to mistaking or confusing the body for the self.

‘Con-fusion’ means merging together things that are not of the same nature. On the spiritual platform we are of the same nature of the Supreme Soul, called God by religious people. Our individual intelligence is of the same nature as cosmic intelligence, and similarly our individual mind has the same nature as the cosmic mind, and our individual body has the same nature of the universal body, which is made exactly from the same basic “ingredients”.

The atoms that constitute the world also compose the bodies of fish, birds, reptiles, trees, clouds, rivers, mountains, moon and sun, and the same atoms also compose our body, which is identical in structure to the universal body. There are heavenly and earthly bodies, micro-bodies and macro-bodies, the microcosm and the macrocosm, all corresponding in very many ways.

The mind is the vehicle of thought, the substance in which and through which thought is transmitted, just like sound is transmitted through ether. The sound transmitted through ether creates the atmosphere, as taught by Samkhya philosophy. The great rishis, the enlightened wise scientists of the psyche in Vedic culture, explain that all the elements develop starting from the subtlest to the grossest. The last element to be produced is the solid element, that we will call earth, indicating by this definition all the physical substances that have a solid state. However, you know how weak is the boundary between solid, liquid and gaseous. If you take a liquid substance, for example common water, by adding thermal energy your liquid will become a gas. If you cool this vapour down again, taking the heat energy away, it will revert from the gaseous state to the liquid state, and further it will reach the solid state: vapour will be transformed into ice.

As Einstein explained very nicely, energy is not different from matter. Energy and matter are two sides of the same coin. Thought is energy, a very powerful energy. It is capable of transforming our life, even in a short time, therefore it is important to learn to manage it.