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The Academy of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta was established to better meet the statutory objectives that our Association has set at the time of its constitution, which is to make it accessible to as many people as possible the vast ancient culture of India, so useful and of practical use for the modern Western man. Initiating and maintaining open and ongoing and passionate dialogue between East and West through teachings of universal wisdom and spirituality on the science of being, the purpose of the course is to help re-entering intimately in touch with ourselves, to discover who we really are beyond accumulated beliefs, acquired identities and behavioral clichés that give us a false sense of our inner nature. At the moment, we offer the following courses:

TRADITIONAL SCIENCE OF INDIA: In addition to the theoretical studies, we included seminars with lectures, meditation sessions, small groups exercises and individual meetings with teachers to help us reconnect with our true identity (which is often forgotten because of the multiple constraints suffered) and thus improve the quality of our life and our relationships. read more

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING RELATIONSHIP: It has been established with the purpose to introduce a model that uses cultural and humanistic parts of this knowledge most relevant to the Science of being. A spiritual approach useful in all contexts in which it is necessary to set "a relationship of support. Through this horizon of meaning, the counselors will be able to equip themselves with suitable tools to emerging situations, even the most difficult to manage with empathy. Listen and know how to orient those who have lost peace of mind, meaning and joy of life. Knowing how to help ourselves and each other to build fulfilling, creative and durable relationships. Knowing how to make the most of the crucial choices in life, minimizing conflicts. This is what is proposed by the Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, which has been engaged for decades to help the human being to achieve well-being. read more

YOGA TEACHERS TRAINING: Our training school for yoga teachers is based on the study of fundamental subjects of the Indian Traditional Academy of Sciences. The study of the body and the psyche and their energy is developed in the light of the knowledge of the Oriental ancient teachings of in a comparative analysis with the modern-scientific disciplines and the most current physiological knowledge. The school allows a deepening of the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Ayurveda, Yoga and Spirituality of the Classic India to provide the prospective operator with a complete training on the bio-psycho-spiritual level. read more

LEADERSHIP OF WELLNESS: theoretical and practical experience for the exploitation of resources umane.Un fascinating study of the origins of the person out of the maze of automatic mental and emotional overcome the crisis, suffering, conflicts, insecurities and fears, to rediscover our resources inner and return free to be ourselves, to enjoy life, amare.Il of course has practical implications of great importance for solving the existential problems in the various spheres of life, such as family, work, friendships, relationship with the disease, with the body, the psyche and our deep self. read more

MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF RESOURCES: This course is part of the educational proposals of the Academy of Sciences of India Traditional and includes the study of the fundamental principles of the humanities and social sciences of the classical Indian culture and it is integrated with learning techniques drawn from the Science of Yoga used for thousands of years for the elevation of consciousness. Through this course the students will have the opportunity to work on the development of their latent faculties and on the improvement of their character. It is an authentic path of development of the potential of the human being. read more

NATUROPATHY AND YOGA: In addition to the theoretical study, this course includes seminars with lectures, meditations sessions, exercises in small groups and individual meetings with teachers to help the enable the reconnection with our true identity, (which is often forgotten because of the multiple constraints suffered) and thus improve the quality of life and our relationships. read more