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Traditional Science of India

Scienze Tradizionali dell'India

There are several paths that lead to the peaks light
of consciousness and to the realization of our divine nature.
They are just waiting to be discovered and undertaken.
Let's transforms ourselves into winged beings to reach
he highest peaks - places but not logos - where we can realize
all of our aspirations of immortality, freedom, wisdom and love.
The search for God is the first duty of human life.
SOur ultimate goal is establishing a relationship of love
with Him, all creatures and creation.
It is the goal of universal evolution.
The traditional Indian Academy of Sciences
was established help with the achievement of this goal.

“Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta. Betwen East and West
for a dialogue among cultures and experiences"


Spirituality, psychology and disciplines of Yoga, Ayurveda, philosophy, sociology, pedagogy, history, architecture and art of Indian classical tradition meet and incorporate the latest scientific findings in an ongoing and passionate dialogue between East and West.

Our Academy is a Traditional School - Gurukula. It aims to provide universal teachings of wisdom and spirituality on the Science of being, which is the most practical tool for individual, social and professional contexts for its relevance and importance.

Structure of the course

Choose your course of study from home
You can subscribe to different levels of study (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Doctorate Ph.D.), each preparatory to the next levels of greater commitment, and choose among the following different addresses:

The psychological tradition of India includes the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda and provides practical knowledge that promote the harmonious development of the personality in all its aspects: physical, mental and spiritual. The balance between these dimensions of being is a prerequisite for restoring global health to achieve a higher level of consciousness.
body and mind are governed by a natural healing intelligence, able to maintain and restore the physical and mental health and to help the individual to rebalance its energy levels until he finds the path of Self healing. The course explores the theoretical and practical aspects of the ancient natural medicine of India by making available a first and fundamental knowledge of Ayurvedic wisdom and science, now rediscovered and increasingly used in the West.
A modern approach to history and art of ancient India. Rich in events and symbols that have always inspired individuals and communities. The study is based on an evolving historical-archaeological research and stimulates and inner exploration, striving to discover human archetypes that have inspired the motivations of the Indian artistic universe.
Quella Vaishnava è la teologia che ha avuto l’influsso più significativo nel vasto panorama della cultura indiana tradizionale. Caratterizzata da un monoteismo polimorfo, affascina per la ricchezza dei contenuti su umanità, Divinità e Natura e per l’ardore della devozione a Dio.
The Vaishnava theology is the theology which had the most significant influence in the vast panorama of traditional Indian culture. Characterized by a polymorphic monotheism, it is fascinating because of its richness of contents related to humanity, God and Nature and for its the ardour of devotion to God

Studying from home allows for:

  • Saving time and money by avoiding trips planned for the classroom attendance and room and board;
  • Fulfilling a "dream" without taking time from family and work;
  • Respect for personal time by being able to choose to perform the study in a short or longer time;
    Know and practice the innate talents. Use, invest and capitalize on inner resources in everyday life..
  • Respect for personal rhythms of learning by being able to listen to or revise the lessons in audio CD or video DVD.
For each subject are provided books, audio CD and DVD, featuring a fluent language of essential contents which will allow for easy access and satisfaction to the heart of each subject.

Course organization

Tutoring is a key part of the course: each student is personally followed by the tutor throughout his career, to clarify any doubts, answer for questions on details on what they have learned in order to apply it in their daily life and in their workplace. Therefore, if the study is performed remotely, it is still guided and supported by our teachers.

We give the opportunity to attend seminars to deepen the subjects of study, meet and follow the teachers in both theory and practical teachings and to experience the subjects studied.

The Examination sessions are an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences between students and teachers, whose function is not to fail the student, but to guide and help him to express and apply the gained knowledge to a higher level of consciousness.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in study trips to India organized periodically by the CSB to gain practical experience of the subjects learned in their original context and from the voice of authoritative representatives of the our tradition.

Registration is open all year round.

For additional information please contact our office.

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