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Bloodshed in Barcelona: My Thought

Edited by Marco Ferrini

The echo of indignation is still strong, following the umpteenth attack that took place in Barcelona; less present in the media but not less tragic are the desperate cries of the victims of bombing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere: whether the attacks were executed by isolated islam ic fighters or secular military professionals, in both cases the victims are always helpless people who suffer and die due to the indifference on the part of certain pseudo religious, political and financial circles regarding human life.

The cause? A rapidly vanishing virtue: compassion.

I consider it extremely important to go over the significance of impartiality, not only to favor our own ethical, spiritual evolution as well as that of others but also in order to reduce the escalation of the violence that afflicts mankind.

In health and in sickness, in youth and old age, during good and bad fortune we should always have the same basic sentiment: the desire to be spiritually realized, and this is possible if we concentrate on our real identity, our spiritual identity that unites us with all creatures as expansions of the One, God, The Soul of all souls (cfr. Bhagavad-gita: 18.54, Isha Upanishad: 1.1, Katha Upanishad 2.2.13).

Only in this way can we feel united by a profound sense of spiritual fraternity and develop authentic impartiality in every circumstance, in the face of praise or insults and our empirical ego's likes or dislikes. We know that we are directed towards this higher state of consciousness when our serenity becomes stable and our desire for peace and love is free of doubts and fears.

That which sustains us in our constant search for a dynamic evolutive balance, which keeps up with each change in external events is the knowledge that, in our spiritual essence, we are beyond the incessant flow of time and events, on a path towards perfection.

Listening to spiritual teachings (shravanam), meditation (dhyana), sentiments of devotion towards God together with acts that benefit all (bhakti-Yoga) allow us to experience the spiritual and remain centered in Dharma, the reality that harmonizes the exterior universe to our interior reality and viceversa.

In this way we gradually become impartial, empathetic and compassionate towards all creatures and stable in our intentions, like a strong tree with deep roots that may sway during storms, but is not uprooted.

Let us pray to never be lacking in compassion, indifferent to the suffering of others. If we wish to see in others throughout the world a greater respect for life we should ourselves start practicing every day, promising to do no harm to anyone (ahimsa), including animals.

Marco Ferrini