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The Abysses of the Mind and the Highest Peaks of Consciousness (Part II)

Edited by Marco Ferrini


Although at times it seems to have no reasons to fall into a crevasse, we can witness that the gap is real for whom can perceive it.

The same goes for the ecstatic experience which is usually ignored to the majority of people, but for the great personalities who has realized themselves, it may become a permanent reality, which in a single brush erases all the world attachments together with the taste for the sense gratification.

One doesn't reach that experience by mere comprehension or due to the limited human efforts; it thus manifests thanks to the divine mercy and it is the divine mercy that helps us to get out of the crevasse: combined to our our personal effort, it brings clearness within us and start to make the river of life flow again.

In this way our happiness will also start to flow again freely, with no more obstacles of the past choices. We cannot live lofty experiences at present if in the past we failed to recognize the existence of the crevasse with its characteristics, consciously choosing the way that takes us to the enlightened Hill, to the highest Sky, just like Virgilio explains to Dante at the beginning of the Divine Commedy and like Krishna says to Arjuna oppressed by a deep existential crisis at the beginning of the Bhagavad-gita. One does not fall into the crevasse at once, nor he reaches the peak in an instance.

Such high ascent is the result of a constant work turned to avoid and correct the mistakes promptly, to coordinate all the efforts with the purpose to evolve and animated by the honest desire of spiritual self-realization. Enviousness, jealousy, lust, greed, anger, craving for fame – these are all the ropes that make one drift down the crevasse. On the other hand, mercy, compassion, humility, patience, forgiveness help to ascend. Those spiritual qualities, typical of authentic brahmanas, are the most elevated qualities to develop; that is why the brahmanas who coherently practice and live them should not be submitted to power because these qualities represent the highest target.

In Bhagavad-gita XVIII. 42 Krishna describes the main qualities from which many others originate; those who wish to reach the highest peaks of consciousness do not have to learn them just by heart, but to catch the essence, how they are lived and taught. Those qualities should become our nature, should enter each part of our being, in order to transfer ourselves gradually from tamas to rajas, from rajas to sattva guna; only then we will avoid the risk of falling down the crevasse and our journey will be an evolution in progress towards the highest peaks of Bhakti, empowered with faithful and devoted love for Krishna. The practice of Bhakti is the most powerful instrument of evolution that allows us to develop the qualities described before and, in its greatest expansion, it is the highest spiritual peak to reach.

In the journey towards supreme Bhakti, authentic love and happiness increase step by step..

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