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On Evaluation and Judgment


Edited by Marco Ferrini

In life, to pursue our evolution, we must analyze what happens, understand it and make our own opinion.

By analyzing the facts, we can even understand eventual mistakes made by us or by others, learn some lessons, without letting it determine our distrust in ourselves or our diminished gratitude toward others.

Within ourselves and in others, there are not only light or shadow, that’s why our intelligence must be utilized to distinguish these two aspects to understand how we can correct and improve ourselves.

The analysis, the investigation and the evaluation of the facts, is everyone’s duty if we want to evolve. However, analysis and evaluation must not imply the stigmatizing judgment of condemnation of others.

In the Gospel, according to Matthew (chap. 7) you may read: “Do not judge, so you are not judged, because with the same judgment that you judge other, you will be judged and with the same measurement that you will measure others you will be measured.” When we see individuals in conflict with each other, we shouldn’t ask ourselves who is right or wrong. First of all we should engage in understanding what happened and what is the right thing to do. We must be interested in doing the right thing, not in reporting who doesn’t do it or cheer who does it.

Our soul pushes us upward, toward noble ideals and purity. Purity is our strength, astuteness and shrewdness are not. One can read all of the Shastra and memorize them, but, if his motivation is not a desire for an ever greater purity and harmony, he will never climb the evolutionary step. Let’s always engage ourselves in verifying our level of understanding and capability to apply these teachings. With the vaishnava, for example, we should behave with great respect, remaining close to them as we would be close to fire.

We must be careful not to make offenses or we will get burned. The Scriptures inform us that staying with our spiritual master is a privilege that we get after numerous lives, just as getting the opportunity to serve the Deities or study the Shastra. To acknowledge their teachings we must be concentrated, offer mantra and express gratitude through chosen prayers to make contact not only with the book but also with the divine inspiration that will reach us when our heart is ready to accept the endless mercy.

If there is no humble and devotional attitude, if we don’t approach these Realities with the consciousness of the great privilege that we have, we risk to lose the flavor for the Shastras, for Satsanga, for Prasada and for other immeasurable divine gifts. We have a great fortune but we dilapidate it. Let’s engage ourselves to get conscious of the greatness of what was offered to us and of the rarity of being with people who have dedicated their lives to the purpose of reaching Love for the Creator, the create and the creatures.

Let’s practice with faith, sincerity and purity, simplicity, Love for Krishna and for all of the living beings. The vaishnava operate in the world to offer the opportunity to undertake this journey to all. The bhakta is not the one who relegates himself to a cavern or to a hollow tree as a misanthrope but the one who is active among people with the sentiment of compassion to inspire all to harmonize themselves with the universe and make the experience of Life after death.

This experience cannot be made if we don’t wake up spiritually, if we maintain the illusion to be happy in the matter and with the matter. Thanks to God we have received from Shrila Prabhupada and from the previous acaryas not only theoretical teachings but also their example and life model. We were able to see how they behaved while being applauded or insulted, being healthy or ill, in the moments of abundance, or in the strained circumstances. We must be grateful to the Lord because in this life we have all the means we need to perform our journey and reach our destination.

Are there going to be more tests to overcome, dangerous roads and perils along the way?

The answer is yes, and it couldn’t be otherwise as long as we live in such a changing world. In this journey from birth to death we have the opportunity to learn many lessons in order to transform our existence in an evolutionary way and reach the heights of consciousness and realization with a sentiment of pure Love.

The acaryas describe our purpose by talking about a free way, of immense happiness, without constriction of time and space and without the presence of death. Their words and realizations recall an inspiration that is in the heart of each one of us; the inspiration of full consciousness, freedom, justice, immortality and beatitude.

In the same measure that we dedicate ourselves to spiritual practices and surrender to God and  intensely desire to evolve, we can free ourselves from the net of maya, and thanks to the divine intervention we will reach Love.

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