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Working for the benefit of everyone


Edited by Marco Ferrini

From the book: The 26 Qualities of the Spiritual Researcher Other meanings: doing good to all living entities, putting the good of others before one's own, well-wisher to everyone.

A genuine spiritual researcher works for the good of everyone because he is aware of his own spiritual nature that he shares with all the beings, of the eternal relationship that the jiva, the spiritual being, has with God, and of the ultimate purpose of human life that consists in Yoga, or the reconnection of the individual soul with the cosmic Soul.

Through this deep awareness the evolved spiritual researcher is able, with his every action, to bring about the good for all creatures and to make all situations auspicious. Shrimad Bhagavatam states: "Every living being has the duty to engage in activities that are beneficial for others, with his life, his wealth, his intelligence and his words”(1).

A person who is able to be sarva-upakaraka does not see friends or enemies any more, his vision is not influenced by the ego any more and is therefore free from dualism. He sees each being, evolved or unevolved, as a radiant spiritual soul, complete with the ontological qualities of sat, cit, ananda (eternity, consciousness and bliss) and close to him he sees the Supreme Soul, the Supreme sarva-upakaraka. With this spiritual vision, the advanced devotee can work for the benefit of all, because he has understood that the good of others is not different from his own good. In Bhagavad-gita we read: One who sees the Supreme Soul in each being, everywhere the same, does not let his mind be dragged into degradation. Thus he comes closer to the transcendental destination(2).

Only by possessing this vision that goes beyond the bodies and appearances, beyond the superficial layers of the personality, it is possible to establish genuine relationships from soul to soul, and to do something concrete to help the people around us: real help consists in favoring the understanding of one's own spiritual nature, encouraging life within the respect of dharma to rediscover our eternal relationship with God and all creatures.


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