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Man: A Project for Happiness

Man: A project for Happiness

Edited by Marco Ferrini

I would like to comment on the importance of the inner attitude. Pay attention now, because you will learn techniques that will be immensely helpful for you to face all events in life, from the most pleasurable to the most painful. Sometimes people get themselves in troubles because of pleasant events and sometimes because of unpleasant events, therefore the wise say, “After pain joy comes, and after joy sorrow comes”.

There is a way to remain in a constant state of happiness: by controlling thoughts and emotions. This art must be developed like all other arts; some have a special talent in the sense that at birth they are already good in this practice, obviously because they had inherited it from a previous lifetime, while others have to work hard to attain even a minimum level of this ability, but everybody can develop it. Start by remembering that each of us was born for success, each one of us was designed to attain perfection.

In modern society, which is mostly materialistic, words like perfection, infinite, and immortality have lost their real meaning, but we remain immortal even if sometimes there are people who prefer to think otherwise. We have such a great hankering for happiness and perfection that we feel a natural repulsion for suffering, death, old age, a serious physical handicap or a simple disease: all this seem to us artificial conditions, something that has nothing to do with us. And it is true! If you remember the qualities of the soul, of the self, our fundamental qualities, you will see that painful conditions do not belong to our nature: they are temporary experiences, solely connected to the perception of the self.

It is up to us to decide how we want to live them, and to get out of them as soon as possible. Never talk about your bad health (except with a medical counselor) because if you get into the psychosis of lamentation and trouble discussion, problems will call more problems: discomfort calls discomfort, just like well being calls well being.

Your attitude in the face of events is the most important thing. If you learn this art you will be amazed to see how quickly a tragedy can become a blessing, something that helps us to make a giant step forward in the quality of our life.