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Karmic Affinities or Elective Affinities?


Edited by Marco Ferrini

There are undoubtedly karmic affinities that determine relationships between people, but they are not always positive per se. Sometimes karmic affinities that link people to each other increase the negative aspects in each person.

Sometimes a healthy complementarity that integrates and fills in the gaps between the two, is preferable to a similar character identity, perception and attitude that emphasize the reciprocal defects.

How to distinguish karmic affinities from elective affinities?

How to choose the right person with whom to start a couple's relationship?

We can better understand affinities in relationships and favor them if we understand the concept of samskara, as described in the psychology of Yoga.

Samskaras are aggregates of emotions, thoughts, reflections, experiences and feelings that slipped into the unconscious determining a constructive or destructive emotional charge, depending on their nature.

People repel or attract each other. In case of attraction, generally, they know each other superficially, then they come together physically and psychologically, perhaps generating offspring, and only later on, they realize that they did not have the samskaras compatible to engage in a fulfilling and evolutionary relationship. But in the meantime if there have already set in motion constraints and complex emotional dynamics it will be difficult at this point to step back. Thus, the superficiality and the confusion of feelings in addition to lack of knowledge of samskaras, cause people to come together even if they are not compatible with one another due to irreconcilable differences of experiences, culture, vision, rhythm, motivations and goals, and this ruins plans of all kinds (family, social, friendship, professional, etc.)

Listening to this audio is recommended for all those who wish to know themselves deeply and seek teachings and practical tools to choose and set up their relationships in the best possible way, not only for the future ones, but also reshaping and restoring existing relationships here and now.

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